Test Running Stitch Towels

by Sarah Resnick

Weave a set of towels to match your Running Stitch Napkins with two contrasting colors of Duet Cotton/Linen. This casually elegant motif is woven by alternating warp and weft colors in a specific order to create the illusion of an intricate pattern, also known as color-and-weave.

Designed by Christine Jablonski for Gist Yarn.


Warp: 1 cone of Duet Cotton Linen in Dune and 1 cone of Duet Cotton Linen in Cerise (1/4lb cones, 2,390 yd/lb), approximately 348 yards required - 292 yards Dune, 56 yards Cerise

Weft: Same as warp, approximately 195 yards required - 177 yards Dune, 18 yards Cerise

Each kit includes plenty of yarn to weave 2 towels that measure approximately 12" W x 20" L after washing. There will be enough yarn remaining to weave 2 additional towels with the same dimensions if you reverse the colors.


Loom: Rigid heddle loom at least 15" wide

Reed: 12 or 12.5 dent

Shuttles: 2 boat shuttles or stick shuttles

Bobbins: 2 (if you are using a boat shuttle)

Other: Sewing machine (optional)

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